How to take great wedding photographs.

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How to take great wedding photographs 

Weddings take months (sometime years) of planning for one day of execution. It comes as no surprise that this day is very important to both families of the bride and groom. As a photographer, it is our duty to make sure that event is captured to the best of our ability. Here, we will try to list down some of the steps you can take to ensure you are able to take great wedding photographs.

1. Be attentive
Weddings happen very fast and it takes great effort for the photographer to capture each moment well. Thus it is important for a wedding photographer to always be on their toes.

2. Maintain your camera
Check all your gadgets and ensure they are in optimum working condition. If possible, bring an extra backup for for important gadgets that you will be using on the day.

3. Bring a partner
A wedding is a very big and important event. You will need assistance some of the time so don't be afraid to ask for assistance from another photographer or just a helping hand to carry your stuffs.

4. Pre Plan the shoot
Allocate extra time for certain shots and anticipate how the event will turn out so you can guess how to navigate the event. Talk with the bride and groom to see whether they can allow certain times for extra shots of the couple at certain locations. It is better to plan this out prior and communicate with the bride and groom prior so they can be ready.

5. Capture the first
Talk with the bride and groom and see whether they have any moments they want documented. The first kiss on the day, the first dance, the first look etc. Be more attentive during these moments as they happen very fast and they can only happen once.

6. Shoot the reactions
Reactions are the emotions that the bride and groom will use in future to connect with the day. Bride and groom's reactions are important but the guests reaction are also as important. Look for smiles, laughter, cries. A mother's tear is worth more than a thousand words.

7. Manage group shots
Everyone usually wants a portrait with the bride and groom. If everyone were to take their own photograph with the bride and groom, portrait sessions will be very long. Enlist help if possible from a family member to gather friends and families into group shots. This will ensure everyone has a picture with the bride and groom and shorten the group photo session enormously.

These moments happen organically. They are rare and original. Look for these moments during your shoot and don’t hesitate to click. The bride and groom will want to see the emotions that they could have missed during the day.

We hope this article helped with your next shoot. If you find them helpful or you want to include your own tip, please share them with us in the comments.


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March 22, 2020

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